“Target: FV215b” Special

Would you like some heavy tanks with excellent guns, sir? This weekend, you can purchase vehicles from the British branch at a discount, and then earn a pack of boosters on the FV215b. Go for it!

From October 20, 14:00 CEST through October 23, 14:00 CEST:

 Discounts for crew training at the Tank Academy (up to 100%):

  • 30% for Tier II–VII vehicles
  • 50% for Tier VIII–X vehicles.

 A discount for the purchase of British heavy tanks:

  • 30% for the Churchill VII and Black Prince
  • 15% for the Caernarvon, Conqueror, and FV215b.

An Experienced Briton

A hidden mission will be available during the special:

Objective: win a battle on the FV215b and be among your team’s top three players by XP earned.

Reward: 5 Free XP Boosters.

Limitations: you can complete the mission once a day.