Community Field Report – March 2016


Sk8xtrm is the latest community member to receive the Contributor status and his up-and-coming channel is worth checking out for every Blitz fan. This exhaustive guide about the Super Pershing is a great example of his work:

T26E4 Super Pershing Guide + gameplay:

Martin Dogger

Martin Dogger is known for his well-structured, informative video guides and gameplay videos. This time he shows us proper ammo selection practices:

Basic Blitz #7 - Ammunition Selection:


Spinee’s channel has always been a great resource for people looking for the latest previews about new vehicles and he is on point again trying out the new Tier IX and Tier X Soviet Tank Destroyers:

SU-122-54 and Object 263 Preview:


As always we have been also running in game contests on our forums. Make sure to head over there to keep up to date on what’s happening.


Are you interested in becoming a community contributor? Do you think another player deserves to be recognized and highlighted for his contribution to our community? Check out our community contributor program in the dedicated forum thread!