Community Field Report – January and February 2016


Our community contributor Spinee regularly shows off his fantastic skills on his YouTube channel. Whether you are just looking for some exciting battles and hard carries, or previews of new premium tanks and tank lines, this is the place to go.

Check out Spinee’s video on the updated penetration mechanics introduced with patch 2.6!

Quallo Musto

Even though he only recently joined the ranks of our community contributors, Quallo Musto is already known for his in-depth reviews of a variety of tanks and vehicle classes. Featuring concise analysis and gameplay tips, his channel might help you improve!

Why not take a look at his review of the IS-3 Defender and his opinion on its performance:


Known for the organisation of monthly inter-clan events on the forums, Amaunet is also the Clan Diplomat of Phoenix [PHNX]. These monthly events are a great chance for clans to interact with each other and even meet each other on the battlefield – want to know more!? Click here!

She is also regularly featured on Clan Phoenix’ YouTube channel:

Martin Dogger

When he is not busy wrecking face in World of Tanks Blitz, Martin is a teacher, which explains why his videos are so well structured and informative. A great resource for gameplay videos, reviews and tips, you should definitely check out his channel.

Watch him take the new German RU-251 light tank through a baptism of fire:

Girls und Panzer

January saw our big Girls und Panzer event, with in-game contests to earn the Panzer IV Anko Special, as well as a creative contest, that put your image editing and drawing skills to the test. If you haven’t already, check out the winning submissions - there were some cool pictures sent in!

ZayletsplayWOT took first place with his image of The Derp Armored Division: 


Teamwork is Crucial Competition

In one of our toughest competitions to date, players were tasked to platoon up and destroy as many vehicles in a single game as they could. _DonLeone_ and MrGreen1979 took first place with 7 kills and an astonishing 9,547 points of damage - well done commanders!



As always we have been also running in game contests on our forums. Make sure to head over there to keep up to date on what’s happening.

Are you interested in becoming a community contributor? Do you think another player deserves to be recognised and highlighted for his contribution to our community? Check out our community contributor program here!