Contest: Masters of BOOM!

Greetings Commanders!

We are bringing you another contest, commanders! We hope you are ready, as this time around we aim to keep all of you active no matter what your current progress in-game is. Have a look at the objective, groups and prizes below!

The objective of this contest is to inflict the highest amount of damage in a single battle in your Tier group, by playing non-premium tanks!

Group 1: Tier I – III Light tanks > 450 gold + 1 day of Premium 

Group 2: Tier IV – V Medium tanks > 500 gold + 1 day of Premium 

Group 3: Tier VI – VII Heavy tanks > 650 gold + 1 days of Premium 

Group 4: Tier VIII – X Heavy tanks + Tank Destroyer > 700 gold + 2 days of Premium 

There will be only one winner from each Tier group which will be awarded with the Gold and Premium Account!

In order to participate in the contest please submit a screenshot of your Battle Report (the ‘TEAM’ tab showing the damage inflicted) to this dedicated forum thread.


The Rules:

1. You need to use a non-premium tank

2. Inflict the highest amount of Damage in a single battle

2. Only one Battle Results screenshot (the TEAM tab) submission per player > HERE

4. Put your player name under your Battle Results screenshot so we could reward you

Contest will close on: 8 March 2015 23:59 CET (UTC +1)


Good luck everyone!