In-game event: Hunt Us Down!

We love to play World of Tanks Blitz and quite often you have seen us on the battlefield! We thought that it would be a fun event for you, and a challenge for us, to make our presence really known and offer a reward for destroying one of our special accounts in-game!

We will be playing World of Tanks Blitz in Tier IV - VII tanks from 16:00 to 17:00 CEST (UTC+2) on Saturday 13 September and Sunday 14 September.

How to Get Involved

During the times above, we will be playing on the following accounts:

  • wgeu_killme1
  • wgeu_killme2
  • wgeu_killme3
  • wgeu_killme4
  • wgeu_killme5

All you need to do is play during this time in the same tier of tank and if you find us on the enemy team then it’s really simple: Hunt Us Down!

If you manage to destroy us, then you’ll need to take a screenshot of the report after the battle. We need the Details page that lists all of the tanks that you have destroyed!

To take a screenshot on iOS, simply press the HOME button at the same time as the LOCK button. This will save the screenshot to your device.

Submitting Your Battle Report

Go to Facebook and upload the screenshot into a new post. You will need to mention @World of Tanks Blitz and put the name of the account as a Hashtag (put a # before the username with no spaces.)

Once we have verified that your screenshot is correct and valid, we will be able to give you the bounty of 300 gold to your account, so make sure you to follow the steps carefully!


  • ID required
  •   Your screenshot must not be edited
  •   Team kills do not count!

Attention! If you are using a Game Center account, please upgrade your profile to a account by clicking the Options menu in your Garage and going to the Profile tab. You cannot use an email address that is already set to an existing ID.