Community Field Reports – October 2015


In the multiplayer world of tanking you are never alone. Some of the brightest stars of World of Tanks Blitz have once again been representing your community with brand-new content. Check out the best of this month’s offerings below!


Our community contributor Spinee regularly shows off his fantastic skills on his Youtube channel. Whether you are just looking for some exciting battles and hard carries, or previews of new premium tanks and tank lines, this is the place to go.


Check out Spinee’s review of the recently released Su-122-44 Tier VII premium Soviet tank destroyer:

Spinee reviews the newly introduced map Canal. Not sure how to play on it and need some tips!? This video will prepare you:


Rise of Continents

October saw the first worldwide contest for World of Tanks Blitz, in which the different Regions faced off against each other in a gigantic competition. Though we narrowly lost to the Russian server cluster, we did come in at second place and came in first in several of the tasks.

We would like to take this as another opportunity to thank you all for your contribution to the Rise of Continents contest! We hope that you will enjoy the medals, gold, premium time and the fantastic Sennheiser gear that many of you have received for your contribution!


With the end of our Rise of Continents event, we will once again be running contests on our forums. Make sure to head over there to keep up to date on what’s happening

Are you interested in becoming a community contributor? Do you think another player deserves to be recognised and highlighted for his contribution to our community? Swing by the forums and let us know here!