Ninja Warriors Contest


The Japanese tanks have recently been introduced to the game, so it is time to take them for a spin and see what you are capable of!

The objective of this contest is to destroy as many enemy vehicles and cause as much damage as possible in a Japanese tank, Tier IV or higher.

The top 3 players will be rewarded with gold and Premium days:


1st place: 1500 + 3 days of Premium

2nd place: 1000 + 2 days of Premium

3rd place: 500 + 1 day of Premium


The Rules:

1. You need to play in a regular Japanese tank,Tier IV or higher, while the contest is running (premium tanks are not eligible).

2. Only one battle report submission per player.

3. Cause as much damage and destroy as many vehicles as you can, using a Japanese tank in a single battle. Multiply your damage by the number of enemy vehicles you have destroyed and divide it by the Tier of the tank you used. The player with the highest number wins.

Formula: (Enemy vehicles destroyed x Damage) / Vehicle Tier

4.Submit your battle report screenshots (personal and team windows) in the dedicated thread and put your nickname under the screenshots so we can reward you. Submissions in any other thread will be disregarded!



The battle shown on the screenshots has to be played during the duration of the event. Screenshots from before the start of the event will be disregarded.

The contest will run from 13 January at 16:00 CET and will close on 27 january at 23:59 CET.


Good luck everyone!