[UPDATED] Contest: Blitz Camo

It's been almost three weeks since the Blitz Camo contest ended. During this time, every single camo that was sent to us was checked in a thorough manner. It was really difficult to pick a winner, because all the camos were awesome. Due to that, we have decided to extend the prize pool, so more of you can win! The lucky winners are listed in the dedicated forum thread (note: it will be in English only!) - check out now if you are one of them!

Greetings, commanders!

All tankers (both real and online) know that a tank is not a lifeless piece of steel covered with monochrome paint and rust. With an experienced commander, any vehicle becomes a beast capable of fighting in all conditions, from hot desert sands to icy Polar Regions. The right camouflage is, like excellent game skills and accurate shooting, key to success in battle.

We are giving players the chance to fantasize a little and create their own unique camo. Do you prefer not to stand out in the wild plains? Or perhaps you think that a space-themed battle pattern on your vehicle will effectively demoralise the enemy? Who knows, maybe it will be your idea that gets into the game and becomes an asset for players to use?

Duration: The contest starts on 16 May at 00:00 CEST and ends on 30 May 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

Goal: During the time frame of the contest create your own camouflage pattern based on the linked templates below.


Contest Rules:

  • Your task is to create your own unique camouflage pattern, based on the provided templates, and upload it here.
  • Any World of Tanks Blitz player can participate in the contest. Only one work is accepted from each contestant.



  • The contest is interregional - i.e. it is carried out simultaneously for all clusters of World of Tanks Blitz.
  • For the EU community, the activity runs in each supported language's contest thread.
  • The jury of the contest reserve the right to exclude from participation works that do not comply with the rules and requirements of the contest.
  • The organisers reserve the right to make decisions on all issues relating to the contest, including rule changing and settling disputes, at their own discretion.
  • Works submitted for the contest should not contain any political context, encourage conflicts, or propagate prohibited substances. The works should not violate moral, ethical and legal standards, Forum Policy, or the User Agreement.
  • After the publication of the work in the official contest topic, the exclusive rights for the work are conveyed to Wargaming.net in accordance with Chapter 11 of the End User License Agreement.


How to create a camo?

The size of the picture with your camouflage should be 256x256 px. It’s also necessary to attach a general-view camo picture of the selected tank.

The picture should be of a tile type (i.e. a small image of a certain size that works as a fragment of a bigger picture).

  • Your tile can be transparent or semi-transparent.
  • Sides of the tile must overlap and create a bigger image, such as shown in the picture below:

To create a contest work, follow the instructions:

  1. Download the template of the tank you want in .psd format via the link:
    Template for E100
    Template for FV215b (183)
    Template for IS-7
    Template for STA-1
    Template for T110E5
  2. Open template.psd in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Double click the “Double click to edit” layer:

  4. In the open window, insert your own camo and hide the “Tile” layer.
  5. Save your camo by pressing Ctrl + S (for Windows) or Cmd + S (for Mac). The image in template.psd should update automatically.

  6. Save the ready image as a PNG file and upload it in a comment to this topic together with the picture of the camo in the size of 256x256 px.



Based on the results of the contest, one camo (the best within all regions) will be added to the game client with its author’s name indicated.

In addition to the main prize, you will also have a chance to win the following awards:

1st place: 5,000 + Medal For Creative Input

2nd place: 3,000 + Medal For Creative Input

3rd place: 2,000 + Medal For Creative Input

The Medal For Creative Input is a truly rare and honorable achievement. This medal is even rarer than the Kolobanov's Medal and Raseiniai Heroes' Medal, so wear it proudly!

Contest winners will be announced in the dedicated thread on our World of Tanks Blitz Forum (note: it will be in English only!).


Good luck and let's blitz!