CONTEST: Medal Mania

A brand new challenge for platoons is ready to hit World of Tanks Blitz. Medal Mania invites you to find an ally and head into battle, the goal – earn as many ‘Brothers in Arms’ and ‘Crucial Contribution’ medals as possible within a fixed window. The twist is – you are competing as an individual so you can switch platoon mates and tanks as much as you like, to try and get those elusive medals by any means necessary!

Timeframe: Friday of every week at 00:00 CEST until Saturday of every week at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

Vehicles: Any vehicles are allowed.

Objective: Earn as many ‘Brothers in Arms’ and ‘Crucial Contribution’ medals as possible, not as a platoon – but as an individual player.



Brothers in Arms: Each platoon member must destroy at least 2 enemy vehicles. Both platoon members must survive the battle.




Crucial Contribution – Platoon must destroy at least 6 enemy vehicles.




  • You can platoon with as many different players as you like during the competition timeframe because it is your own individual number of earned medals that counts. You are in competition with everyone, including your platoon mate!
  • You can use as many different tanks as you like during the competition timeframe.
  • Be sure you follow our platoon guide to make sure you are creating a fair platoon that agrees with matchmaking principles.
  • You enter the contest simply by playing a battle. Results will be drawn straight from the server, so there’s no need for you to submit proof or screenshots.


  • Results will be published as soon as possible on the dedicated forum section (please note – this section will be in English only!) Results will also be published in a news article both in the portal news section and in-game.


  • 1st - 4th place – Premium Account: 3 days + 150
  • 5th - 10th place: Premium Account: 1 day + 150

Prepare for Medal Mania! Mobilize!