CONTEST: Smash ‘em All!


Get ready for the Smash ‘em All contest. The goal is simple – destroy as many enemies as you can over the course of the event’s 5 stages. Each stage lasts 7 days and you are free to enter as many as you like.

The 5 players in each stage who destroy the most tanks will win a prize. Better yet, a secret in-game prize (revealed at a later point in the contest) is available to the 3 players who destroy the most tanks over the course of the entire event – e.g. we’ll total up all the tanks you destroy over every stage to calculate these overall winners.

The more tanks you destroy, the higher your chances of getting both a stage prize and one of the secret event prizes.

How do you enter this contest? Simple – just play World of Tanks Blitz during the time-frames given below. The results will be pulled from the server – there is no need to send us screenshots. Just be awesome and you will be in with a chance at glory!


Duration: 5 weeks = 5 stages. Each stage is dedicated to a different tier (III to VII only).

  • Stage 1 – Tier III – 12 March at 00:00 CET until 18 March 23:59 CET (UTC +1)
  • Stage 2 – Tier IV – 19 March at 00:00 CET until 25 March 23:59 CET (UTC +1)
  • Stage 3 – Tier V – 26 March at 00:00 CET (UTC +1) until 1 April 23:59 CEST (UTC +2)
  • Stage 4 – Tier VI – 2 April at 00:00 CEST until 8 April 23:59 CEST (UTC +2)
  • Stage 5 – Tier VII – 9 April 00:00 CEST until 15 April 23:59 CEST (UTC +2)

Important! Please be aware of the bold text indicating the change from CET to CEST during this event.

Tanks: all vehicles are allowed, including Premium Tanks – but pay attention to which Tier is needed.

Objective: destroy as many tanks as possible within the time-frame of each stage. If you are in the Top 5 tank-destroying players for your stage, you win a prize. We’re also adding all your stage totals together to determine the top 3 who will win the secret prize. The more you play and destroy tanks, the higher your chances of being a winner will be!

Tie-breaking: in cases where two players have the same number of destroyed tanks, cumulated base XP (e.g. XP that does not include bonuses for Premium Tanks, Premium Account, Specials etc.) will be taken into account to determine the rankings.

Finding out if you’re a winner: winners of each stage will be informed as soon as possible (e.g. within a week of the end of each stage). This will be done through a dedicated forum section (English language only) that shows the current Top 50 highest scoring players. In addition, the 5 prize winners of each stage will be published in a portal and in-game news article.

Stage Prizes:

  • 1st and 2nd place: 3 days of Premium Account + 1 garage slot + 500
  • 3rd and 4th place: 3 days of Premium Account + 500
  • 5th place: 3 days of Premium Account + 250

We’ll do our best to send the prizes within a week from the results publication date (we’ll always try to send them around Fridays)

Final Prizes:

The 3 players who destroy the highest number of tanks across all 5 stages combined can win a special in-game prize. For selecting these winners we’ll only take into account the Top 50 winners’ lists published for each stage. Those who didn’t manage to get into the Top 50 lists will not be taken into account.