End of Year Contests - A Summary

This winter was full of competitive tanking action and you really got into the spirit of things! The month-long creative contest had many superb entries and the 3 in-game events saw players rack up points in hope of winning our grand prizes of Nexus Tablets and World of Tanks Razer peripherals.

Full Results

Visit the following forum threads to see the full winners’ lists for each in-game contest

Creative Contest - “Winter Camo Contest” - results

First in-game event - “Peer Pressure” - results

Second in-game event - “Chain of Destruction” - results

Third in-game event “The British Experience” - results


In order to know who won the Points System and the physical prizes on offer, see the following thread:

Points System - results


In cases where two or more players managed to get the same amount of Points, the highest amount of XP was used to determine the order of winners. If this still did not determine the winner then the highest damage was used as well.

Please note - eligibility to receive the physical prizes for this contest will depend on the availability of the item and shipping restrictions of the product in your country. Winners of a physical prize agree to cover any import tax fees that may exist in their country at the moment of receiving or picking up your shipment. We will do our upmost to get prizes to winners. In case of any issue with shipments (restrictions, etc.) we will then endeavour to compensate winners by either sending something similar and of equal value whenever possible.

In-game goodies have now been distributed and the winners contacted. Log in and enjoy the spoils of victory! Winners of physical prizes have been contacted on the forum via personal message.

We hope that all of you took part had fun and wish you all a very happy New Year. For those who won prizes – we hope they are a good start to 2015 and that all of you will return for more contests and community events in the future! Just keep an eye on the portal, in-game news and social media!