Contest: Medal Mania – Week 2 Results


The Medal Mania Contest is about earning as many Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution medals as possible. The competition was fierce this week and only the best team players were victorious. Check the victors from Week 2 of this contest:


Players and Points


1st to 4th

theboss92_sniper - 117 medals

ASteiger10 - 79 medals

mclarry1 - 73 medals

Jan0_61 - 66 medals

3 days + 150

5th to 10th

Phill_luft77 - 65 medals

DustdevourerPL - 60 medals

justnoobee -  58 medals

GeneralSkip - 57 medals

irys_666 - 57 medals

tennek17 - 48 medals

EnjoyTank - 47 medals

1 day + 150


The prizes will be distributed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Are you curious to see if you were among the Top 20? Take a look at this forum thread (English only).

Don’t worry if you missed your chance, you can still try this week! Remember: each round goes from Friday at 00:00 CEST to Saturday at 23:59 CEST.