Blitz Twister Cup Registration


We are delighted to announce that the registration for the Blitz Twister Cup qualifiers will open tomorrow, 27 September!

Tailored especially for the clan scene, this exclusive tournament will bring you the kind of thrills that only high level competitive play can offer. Think your clan is tough enough to make it through the playoffs and claim the top spot? Come find out!

Participation is limited to 512 teams, and registration will close on 30 September or as soon as the limit is reached.

You will compete across a large variety of maps over a series of seven-versus-seven matches, while earning the unique opportunity to play as one of the challengers at a major eSports event.

The two qualifying stages will be played on 1 and 2 October at 15:00 CEST. After the group stages, the 16 best teams will face each other in the playoffs the next weekend.

The playoffs will determine the ultimate winners, who will travel to represent Europe and face the champions from around the world at the Challengers Rumble in a soon to be announced location. 

For this reason, all players must be of age to travel alone and must also be in possession of a valid passport for international travel at the start of the tournament.

If you’re not familiar with traditional World of Tanks tournaments, fear not. We have compiled an exhaustive guide for you.


Please find below the qualifiers breakdown:

  • Number of teams: limited to 512
  • Teams: 7 players (+3 reserves)
  • All players must be from the same clan
  • No limit to the number of teams per clan
  • Allowed vehicle Tiers: VIII and X
  • Battle mode: standard
  • Battle duration: 7 minutes
  • Tier points: minimum of 56 – maximum of 70
  • Map pool: Mines, Fort Despair, Dead Rail, Desert Sands, Canal, Winter Malinovka, Yamato Harbor


Tournament phases:



Group Stage #1: Best of 1 (512 teams – 64 groups of 8 teams)

The group stages are played as a round-robin tournament, with every team playing against all the others once. Every match is played as a best of one, i.e., only one battle is played to determine the winner. A win grants four points, while a draw and a defeat are worth zero points.

The first in each group advances to the second group stage.


Group Stage #2: Best of 1 (64 teams – 8 groups of 8 teams)

The first and second of each group qualify for the Playoffs.


Tournament schedule:

Registration period: 27 to 30 September.


Group Stages:
  • #1: October 1, starting at 15:00 CEST
  • #2: October 2, starting at 15:00 CEST
  • Group Stage: October 8, starting at 15:00 CEST
  • Semi Finals / Finals: October 9, starting at 15:00 CEST


Qualifiers – Teams ranked 64th to 17th: All players will be awarded 3 days of Premium Account.

All players who took part in the second group stage and did not manage to reach the Playoffs will be granted 3 days of Premium Account.

For further information, please see the tournament rules (available in English only)!