Contest: Valkyria Chronicles x Girls und Panzer Event


This fall we’re taking you to the colourful worlds of Gallia and Ooarai High School. Get ready for grassy fields to rumble in our special Valkyria Chronicles x Girls und Panzer event!

The event has three prize pool groups: Group 1 requires you to play at least 50 battles in either the Edelweiss or the Nameless from our Valkyria Chronicles collaboration and end up with the best average base XP possible. Do not worry – we are only going to take into consideration your best 50 battles, on the basis of which the average is going to be calculated. Play more to increase the score!

Don't own the Valkyria Chronicles tanks? Not a problem: jump into the Panzer IV Anko Special or the Kuro Mori Mine from the Girls und Panzer series, then sign up for Group 2 and aim for exactly the same goal.

Finally, Group 3 is for those of you who either don’t own one of the four aforementioned tanks or would prefer to play with a tank of their choice. In this group, you simply need to encounter one of the following vehicles in battle: the Panzer IV Anko Special, Kuro Mori Mine, Edelweiss or Nameless. Once that happens, do what it takes to leave the battlefield with the highest base XP possible. There is no limit in terms of the minimum amount of battles played here: we are going to check all of your encounters during the time frame of the contest and pick the best one to select the order of the winners!

Sign up on our dedicated page and provide us with your e-mail address, in-game nickname and group of your liking. After that, commit to it while playing – we are going to gather the results straight from the server!



: The contest will run from 07 November at 00:00 CET (UTC+1) to 13 November at 23:59 CET (UTC+1).

Goal: Be one of the top 100 Players with the highest average base XP (i.e., not including Premium Account or any other modifiers) in your group during the specified time period, as calculated from your 50 best base XP results.

Rules & Conditions:

  • Only battles played during the activity’s time frame count as valid contest attempts. Platoons are allowed.
  • You must participate in at least 50 battles over the specified time period in order to be eligible for this competition, with the exception of Group 3. Premium Accounts or any other XP modifiers will NOT be taken into account when determining your score.
  • To participate in the competition you must sign up. The results will be drawn straight from the servers.
  • Though you may sign up for more than one group, you can only win once. Keep in mind it’s more favourable to commit to only one of the groups!
  • In cases where two or more players end up with the same average base XP, the average combined damage (dealt + assisted) scored in their best 50 battles will be used to determine the order of the winners.
  • All prizes will be credited within two weeks of the end of the competition.

Prizes (for Groups 1, 2 and 3 respectively):

  • 1st place: 14 days of Premium Account + 3 Garage Slots
  • 2nd place: 7 days of Premium Account + 3 Garage Slots
  • 3rd place: 5 days of Premium Account + 3 Garage Slots
  • 4th – 10th place: 3 days of Premium Account + 2 Garage Slots
  • 11th – 20th place: 2 days of Premium Account + 1 Garage Slot
  • 21st – 50th place: 2 days of Premium Account
  • 51st – 100th place: 1 day of Premium Account

Contest winners are going to be announced in the dedicated topic on our World of Tanks Blitz Forum (note: it will be in English only) up to one week after the entire contest has ended.

Good luck, Commanders!