The event is now over and sadly disaster has struck! Despite a valiant effort, we didn’t quite manage to reach the goal of 50,000,000 battles played in the Mark I. Regrettably, this means that no one will receive the prize of 3 days of Premium Account, even if they contributed the minimum requirement of 25 battles. Nevertheless, don’t you worry – we won’t leave you empty-handed: Everyone who managed to complete at least 10 battles in the Mark I will receive the unique commemorative medal which will be delivered this week! On top of that, you’ll get to keep the Garage Slot that was occupied by the tank. We hope that cheered you up a bit! Now, do not feel ashamed - reunite with your Blitz comrades, and start preparations for the next challenge!



Exactly 100 years ago, the very first steel beasts slowly rolled out onto the battlefield, forever changing the face of modern warfare. Without them, a tank would be just a weird word and the World of Tanks series would have never existed. I don’t know about you, but we think these reasons are more than enough to celebrate the 100 Years of Tanks Anniversary in World of Tanks Blitz! Join us as we commemorate this monumental event with an epic special in which you will be able to take command of…

We’re certain that most of you are familiar with this machine, but for those of you who are seeing it for the first time, we are proud to introduce the Mark I – the first tank to ever roll out onto the battlefield!

Excited already? We surely are! If you want to know more about the entire event – what is it all about, what are the in-game details, conditions, and rewards etc. – then check out the details below!

About the event

The Mark I tank will be credited to players’ accounts on 20 September at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2) and withdrawn on 27 September at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2). These dates also indicate the time frame of the special.

The event is global (all regions are contributing to the same target) and a goal of 50,000,000 battles played with the Mark I has been set – undoubtedly we’ll hit it hard, right?

Same as in our previous specials of a similar taste, like Grille Party Race and Total Annihilation, you will be able to track the event’s progress on the Blitz main page.

Any experience that you gather while playing in the Mark I can be converted into Free Experience, but this can only be done during the event. When the tank is withdrawn, there will be no such possibility.

Please, keep in mind that all Equipment, Consumables and Provisions that you might mount on the Mark I will be withdrawn together with the tank without any compensation – however, you will get to keep the garage slot.

In-game details

A unique set of rules apply for the event:

  • The Mark I will have a separate queue, which means that battles will consist of Mark I tanks only
  • The Mark I can platoon with other Mark I tanks only
  • All Mark I battles will be held on Fort Despair

Conditions and Rewards

Of course, there will be rewards if certain conditions are met:

  • Play at least 25 battles with the Mark I during the event and receive 3 days of Premium Account
  • Play at least 10 battles with the Mark I during the event and receive a unique participation medal

All rewards will be delivered within several days of the event's end.

3 days of Premium Account will only be credited if the global goal is achieved before the event has ended, while the medal will be credited regardless of the event's results.

And there is another surprise: Our Community Team has organised a special contest related to the legendary Mark I, and everyone can participate! All you have to do is to register on the dedicated page and you are good to go!

That pretty much sums it all up, Commanders! Now, jump into your very own Mark I, and take it for another trip on the battlefield – this time, the virtual one!