Update 2.4: Himmelsdorf is coming!

Everyone who played the PC version of Wold of Tanks will know “Himmelsdorf”, a truly legendary map among PC players. Now, in Update 2.4, it’s coming to World of Tanks Blitz in a snowy and icy fashion. The main war theatre will be the same, however, some aspects of this map have been altered to make the 7 vs. 7 battles more appealing and fun for everyone.

Heavy tank players will feel at home on Himmelsdorf, but every other class can unleash their potential as well. A closer look at the mini-map reveals that there will be three main battle areas: the rails and train station in the west, the park in the centre and the long street in the east. However, unlike in the PC version, players will not be able to go up the hill to pay the Himmelsdorf castle a visit. There is plenty of cover for frontal attacks, however each team is prone to flanking attacks by medium tanks. Tank destroyers can effectively shoot enemy vehicles by using their superior view range and guns to their advantage.

Study the new map well, tankers, and start developing new possible tactics. Keep your eyes open for more information on Update 2.4!