Version 2.5: Camouflage Patterns


If you are a fan of stealthy tanks, we've got great news for you! With the next update we are introducing a new feature:

Camouflage patterns

Just like in real life, the camouflage will not just change the look of your tank, but also increases its stealthiness, meaning that enemy vehicles will spot your tank at a closer distance than usual. The stealth bonus is active at all times, even when the vehicle is moving. Of course, each nation features different camouflage patterns.

Each vehicle class benefits differently from camouflage:

  • Light tanks: +3% stealth bonus
  • Medium tanks: +3% stealth bonus
  • Heavy tanks: +2% stealth bonus
  • Tank destroyers: +4% stealth bonus

How does it work?

First you have to equip the desired camouflage pattern for your vehicle. As the battles in World of Tanks are very rough, you need to repaint your camouflage after each battle, which can be automatically done if the respective box is ticked. Camouflage patterns on a tank don't carry over to other ones, therefore you need to apply them for each vehicle separately.

Please note that some premium tanks have a camouflage pattern with a stealth bonus by default. However, this means that you cannot purchase any other camouflage patterns for these vehicles. This applies to the following tanks:

Additionally, check these amazing videos prepared by our Community Contributors – Dxia and Spinee – showcasing this new feature.

The camouflage feature is not the only thing coming with Update 2.5, so stay tuned!