Arabic Client Now Available for World of Tanks Blitz

Thanks to the latest update for World of Tanks Blitz, the game can now be played in Arabic.

If you wish to do so, simply change the language of your device to Arabic in your device’s settings menu and launch World of Tanks Blitz. Log in to the EU server and play!

Please note – in its present state, the in-game news service will be available in English for the Arabic client.

More information will be available in Arabic at:

Features of Update 1.5

As well as the Arabic client, the update also brings:

  • Global Android Release of World of Tanks Blitz – Android gamers can now join their iOS allies in battle!
  • A new game mechanic – Crew Skills! Attach skills to your favourite tanks and make them even more capable!
  • A new nation – British Tanks! Drive the legendary British medium tank line including iconic vehicles like the Cruiser series and mighty Centurion tanks.
  • A new map – Winter Malinovka! A frosty take on a World of Tanks PC version classic.