Developers Q&A: Maps

We've received questions that all concern maps in World of Tanks Blitz. Well, we've put ten questions to those in the know and they've given their answers to us to relay to you.

  1. What makes it necessary for a map to be reworked? The Falls Creek map, for example, has the same scenario 95% of the time: those heading towards the base win the battle. So everyone rushes to the base, ignoring the other way across the bridge. That's my experience with this map. Why not rework Falls Creek instead of Desert Sands? It appears that the changes were caused by one of the spawn points having a more advantageous location, that resulted in a higher victory ratio according to the statistics. To my mind, minor changes could have solved the problem, but instead the map was completely reworked. Why is the Rockfield map no longer available to high-Tier vehicles? Was it due to an imbalance of several top vehicles, making lower vehicles useless? Could you please explain this in more detail?

    Now for Desert Sands. It had firing positions for tank destroyers. And medium tanks could make their way along the ditch in the desert. The city area was only partially exposed to fire. Why have all firing positions for tank destroyers been removed? You can't make all maps look like a new Oasis Palms, where the mob rules.

    1. We are aware of this issue. The Falls Creek map is the next map due for an update.
    2. Desert Sands has been completely reworked due to numerous problems: tank destroyer hills, an imbalanced, elevated “balcony”; issues with respawns; poor tactical diversity due to exposed areas; and a lack of cover positions. Elevations on the Desert Sands map were not initially planned to become comfortable positions for tank destroyers. You are always able to spot enemy vehicles and return to your allies. You can defend your tank on any map if you plan strategically.
    3. Rockfield has been excluded from high-Tier battles due to the size of the map and the removal of bushes. In version 2.2, the special night Rockfield map was added to all Tiers for the Halloween event.

  2. When will new maps be added? How many maps should we expect before the New Year? When will hills and bushes be removed from the red line for tank destroyers? Are you going to add new maps?

    1. We are working on it. We are planning to add three new maps to the game by mid-spring. New maps will come gradually throughout the year. We are going to add two more maps before the end of the year (in versions 2.3 and 2.4).
    2. We are taking measures to reduce the excessive effectiveness of tank destroyer red line positions, in bushes on all maps. Most of the popular tank destroyer positions were not intended when we first created the maps and their imbalance was not detected (Desert Sands, Rockfield, Dead Rail, the first version of Oasis Palms, etc.).

  3. Are bushes going to be optimised?

    Every version contains some improvements. At some point the bushes were optimised as much as they can be. But you can always reduce the graphics settings.
  4. Hi. Will you rework the Mines map? I think there is an imbalance in favor of the team with more medium tanks. Such a team takes the hill first and ends up winning. The other team has to fight a losing battle if they don’t have any medium tanks.

    We have included this map in the update plan for the beginning of next year. All comments, statistics, imbalance issues will be considered and fixed.

  5. Do you plan to increase the size of maps or number of players in a team? Are there any plans for extended teams, 9 players each, for example? And maybe they could take place on larger maps (as a separate mode)?

    We do not have any plans for this now due to hardware restrictions.

  6. Will you add multi-level maps?

    We can't say for sure right now. We performed tests with multiple-level maps. The results were quite interesting and promising on the one hand, but rather contradictory and associated with certain challenges on the other. We have determined the problematic issues to work on. If this approach proves to be playable while creating maps for different vehicle Tiers, then we will continue to develop it further.
  7. Map improvements: Why do developers rework old maps so that it becomes impossible to play tank destroyers on them? I mean that all new maps offer advantages for tanks. So I have changed almost all of my tank destroyers to tanks. Why are all good positions for tank destroyers constantly removed? Tank destroyers have no turret - any medium tank and some of the heavies can run circles around them. Tank destroyers often don't have enough strong armour to protect them from same-Tier vehicles (the Alecto and the Matilda, both of which are Tier IV). As a result, tank destroyers are unable to effectively manoeuvre, while blocking enemy fire at the same time. So they can be shot down from a distance. So, what's the need to deprive this class of vehicles of advantages with every new version? Why do tank destroyers lose favourable positions with every update?

    We don't mean to deprive tank destroyers of their vantage points, but they shouldn't cover the entire map. And some positions were not intended to become tank destroyer positions.

  8. When will you introduce city maps like those found in World of Tanks: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Mittengard, and Stalingrad?

    We are going to introduce them soon. But devices of the previous generation often lack the performance and memory required for such maps.

  9. I have a question regarding the placement of tanks upon starting a game. Why does it often happen, on the Malinovka map, for example, that heavy tanks are placed on the medium tanks’ attack route, while mediums are placed on the heavies' route? Often it would be enough to change the positions of 2-4 tanks to make the whole thing work.

    Will it be possible to deal damage to the enemy with a shell that penetrated small buildings and fences? It is quite frustrating when a shell penetrates the fence without damaging the enemy.

    1.  There are some issues with spawn points. We have tried out the concept of general lines of attack without dividing them into separate attack routes, but it doesn't work well. We will take your comments into account when reworking the map.
    2. Now the shell stops upon collision with any object. But we are planning to introduce the penetration system like in WoT. The penetration of a shell will be reduced when an object gets destroyed. High-Explosive and High-Explosive Anti-Tank shells will stop upon object destruction. But it is too early to say when this mechanic will be implemented.
  10. Dear developers, I have the following question: You did a great job when reworking Oasis Palms and Desert Sands. They turned out to be REALLY great...they are so good that players perceive them as NEW maps. So why don't you add the old versions back to the game along with the new ones? Players would have more maps. In World of Tanks there are absolutely identical maps that exist in several versions. Himmelsdorf vs. Winter Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg vs. Ruinberg on Fire are the same maps with different graphics. But you have created completely different maps, so why remove some of them from the game? Is it possible to preserve all maps?

    1. Currently we are constrained by the size of the game client and with every new branch and every new map we are getting closer to the limit. However, it doesn't mean that we have reached the maximum limit of the build size and that no more new maps will be added. We are trying to preserve map diversity and are looking for ways to reduce the size of the game client.
    2. The maps are great and, more importantly, familiar to players, but after detailed analysis we decided to fix the drawbacks, which resulted in reworked maps.