Improved Game Engine and Network Issues after Update 2.7


Have you ever wondered how the game works from a technical perspective? How do tanks respond to your orders, shells penetrate armour and 14 players simultaneously fight on the same battlefield? These and many other processes in World of Tanks Blitz are carried out using the BigWorld engine.

To ensure the further development of World of Tanks Blitz, such as the implementation of new features and mechanics, we have transferred the game to the latest version of BigWorld starting from Update 2.7. The improved engine:

  • Allows for a more flexible setting of in-game events
  • Is necessary for supporting new maps
  • Includes more instruments for further performance improvements
  • Overcomes some of the existing technical limitations
  • Allows us to improve the server architecture and reduce traffic consumption by mobile devices

It has been the first engine update in two years since the game was launched. We have been preparing for this update for a long time and conducted numerous tests, but despite these measures, the transfer proved to be a little problematic. After the release of Update 2.7, some players faced short-term lags and freezes. Such issues may take place during long game sessions and when there are too many players online simultaneously.

To solve this problem, we now release server updates together with scheduled reboots, which gradually fix the identified problems. Since version 2.7 we have released eight server updates. We also check the client for server errors in order to identify and fix them as soon as they crop up. In the upcoming game updates, the problem will be solved entirely and the game will become as user-friendly, and enjoyable as before!