World of Tanks Blitz Android Launch in Nordic Countries and Italy

World of Tanks Blitz is being invaded by androids! Well, sort of…

In other words, the release of Update 1.4 sees the launch of World of Tanks Blitz on selected Android devices.

iOS players are soon to be joined by new opponents from the sunny shores of Italy and the snowy heights of Scandinavia (Finland, Norwary, Sweden) and Iceland and Denmark. Get ready for a new phase of the mobile war - we’ve been working hard to ensure that World of Tanks Blitz is truly cross-platform!

The game will be available exclusively in Italian and Nordic Google Play Stores. If you are able to take part in this stage of the Android release then you must have one of the devices on this list for this version of World of Tanks Blitz.

We look forward to the Soft Launch and getting all your feedback in our forums!