World of Tanks Blitz Birthday: Gift + Special Missions!


You surely know that it’s our birthday tomorrow? To celebrate one year of mobile mayhem, we’ve prepared the following surprises for you:

Gift: M3 Light, Tier III, Soviet Premium Light Tank + Garage Slot + 100% Mastery Crew

Conditions: Log in between 26 June at 07:10 and 29 June at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) and play one battle.



This nimble little Soviet machine is actually an American tank, sent to the Soviet Union to help out via the lend-lease program. It’s quick and agile so you should try to flank your opponents. It’s not a sniper and the gun lacks punch but it can eat through side and rear armour with its high rate of fire.

The M3 Light first appeared as a gift for players lucky enough to be playing World of Tanks Blitz during the 15th Anniversary of Wargaming. If you already have this tank in your garage, you will receive 850 (the value of the tank) + one Garage Slot instead.


Special Missions

3 Special Hidden Missions with BIG REWARDS will be added to your in-game Mission Slots. Please pay attention to the following important rules for triggering these Special Missions to appear:

    • There is a Special Mission hidden in each of the 3 Missions Slots. You may have to complete whichever Mission is occupying a Slot, in order for its Special Mission to appear.
    • You will only see the Special Missions if you have the M3 Light in your Garage. Selling the tank results in the disabling of the Special Missions.
    • You can complete them once per day, every day between 26 June and 2 July.
    • The rewards are: 3,000 Crew XP , 10,000 XP  , 3 days of Premium Account 

That's all we have for now. Keep playing to uncover those Missions and find out more details!