Frequently Asked Questions – Round 2


We could all use a helping hand every now and then, so take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Still have a question? Try using our Q&A thread in the developers' section of the forum!


Do you plan to rebalance the German tech tree?

Generally speaking, we are not chasing the same balancing that we have in the World of Tanks PC version because, in World of Tanks Blitz, we have our own balancing, which is being shaped at the moment.


Do you plan to add tanks with cassette-loading mechanisms to the game, for instance the T57 Heavy Tank? 

There are some issues regarding the balancing of lightly armoured tanks with cassette-loading mechanisms. Regarding the so-called “non-classic tanks”, for now we cannot share any information. First, we will add classic tanks such as the IS-4 branch and the Maus branch.


Will battle replays be implemented in World of Tanks Blitz?

Yes. We have a technical basis for this.


In iOS 8, developers will have an opportunity to use Touch ID in their applications. Will this feature be supported in World of Tanks Blitz?

We don’t plan to have it. We are working mainly on Metal.


In Update 1.2.0, the battle tier limit for Tier III-IV vehicles changed, including the T2 Light. What is the reason behind this?

In fact, it is the extension of the ‘sandbox’ (the Tutorial). It was made in order to make a smooth introduction for newcomers to the game and improve their preparation for hardcore battles on higher tiers.


What is the future of Tier VIII vehicles?

Tier VIII vehicles will most likely be improved in terms of their battle performance characteristics in Version 1.3, at least for the Löwe and Dicker Max. As for the profitability, we will have to analyse the data.

Increasing the profitability of Premium tanks would be a rather conservative change to make, while it is very likely that high-tier Premium tanks will be upped in terms of battle performance characteristics but that would be only in Version 1.3. We couldn’t implement that in 1.2.

After the balancing change to the battle tier limit, we’ll thoroughly analyse the economic side.

As for the high credit farming of researchable Tier VIII tanks, there is a possibility that it is a bit too high because of the uneven distribution of tiers in battle (there are few Tier IX-X vehicles).


When will battle missions become available in the game client?

Battle missions won’t be included in 1.3 but they will come later. We have a lot of stuff up our sleeves.


Clans, tank companies, training rooms, do you plan to add them?

We plan to add training rooms. Probably tank companies will be added as well, in several formats, for instance 5 vs. 5 and 7 vs. 7. Clans will be added as well.