Challenger’s Challenger #4

Richard “The Challenger” Cutland is Wargaming’s Military Specialist for the European region. An ex-tanker in the British Army, Richard joined Wargaming in 2012. He works and advises on military and historical content for the company, interacts with fans at events and via social media, and presents Inside the Tanks – a video series that takes you on a tour of the legendary tanks of the past.


Recently we asked you the following question on Facebook:

When speaking of German WWII assault guns, which vehicle could be described as the “real Daddy”?

Here is Richard’s answer:

The ‘real Daddy’ has to be the Sturmtiger. First proposed in 1943, this tank went into more serious production in late 1944. In all, only about 18 were actually built, mounted on chassis from the late model Tiger I. The most notable thing about the Sturmtiger was, of course, its gun – the 380mm Sturm Mörser.”

This gun was developed from a naval depth charge thrower and used a two-stage rocket propellant system. The first, a smaller charge, simply blew the projectile clear of the short barrel. Then a second, solid-fuel-stage ignited, blasting the projectile onward. The tank could throw that 1.5-metre-long, 350 kilo projectile between 4,000 and 6,000 metres! Check out our video on this monster!

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