Six Super Changes to Battle Missions and Some Clarifications


We want you to succeed in your tanking endeavours, because how else will you be able to unlock even bigger and tastier machines? So on the basis of in-game statistics and community feedback, our team of developers has come up with six super changes to this key feature:

Six Super Changes:

1. “Nothing’s impossible” - Missions that have proved to be very difficult have been simplified.

2. “Strategic retreat” The most frequently skipped Missions have been removed from the rotation.

3. “Premium Account for all!” - In around 10% of Battle Missions the reward has been replaced with Premium Account so that you will be able to receive this reward more often.

4. “Show me the money” - Overall, the reward size has been increased for almost 25% of all available Battle Missions.

5. “The power of friendship” - Missions from the series “Spearhead Platoon” have been made much easier to complete, but the reward for completion has been made a bit smaller as well.

6.“Earning the big bucks” - For completion of the high-level missions “Heavy Tank Hunter”, you can now get up to 200,000.

Some Clarifications

“Ace Tanker” – what is it and how do I get it?

This award has existed in the game up to this point, but we figured you could all do with a little extra motivation in the form of this reminder! “Ace Tanker” is probably the most epic achievement a Tank Commander can attain. It is granted when you achieve more than the average value for max-XP of 99% of players, on a particular vehicle in the past week. That means you can earn it on every vehicle in-game - that should keep you busy!


Gold Prizes for the “Art of War” Missions

As we previously announced, Update 1.11 brought the “Art of War” series of Missions, through which you can earn gold. The amount you can earn is based on what Tier you are playing at:

  • Tiers V-VII – 95
  • Tier VIII – 145
  • Tier IX –175
  • Tier X – 195


The appearance of these battle missions is at random. Complete more missions to generate the new tasks in your rotation.


We hope you enjoy the latest iteration of Battle Missions. Mobilize!