Coming up in 2015!

Based on feedback to our forum post a few weeks ago, this will be the first of a regular series of articles on our Upcoming Plans for 2015. Seeing as the year is into its fourth month already, it is about time we shared some of the big things we have planned for the coming months:

World of Tanks Blitz for iWatch

Our US colleagues have been hard at work on a special app that will work with World of Tanks Blitz and the upcoming Apple iWatch. Players with the app will be able to use a function called “Request Strike” which will come to the aid of their allies playing the game on a mobile device. It will cause a remote artillery strike to rain down on their friends’ opponents, allowing for a host of new, tactical opportunities.

More information is available on the North American region portal of World of Tanks Blitz.


World of Tanks Blitz – the Dating App!

One of the most requested and strange features is finally coming to World of Tanks Blitz - Introducing: Blitz-Dating!

We all know there’s nothing more attractive than a high battle count, a high win rate and high average damage. So if you happen to meet a player in battle who you would like to know better, simply use World of Tanks Blitz’s new Blitz-Dating function. With it you can capture the heart of your beloved quicker than 5 tanks can cap a base!

The app will be a free, downloadable add-on for the in-game chat. It will let you see the Dating Profile of other players who also have the add-on. You can set up your own Dating Profile using the Menu in the top left corner of the garage screen and then selecting Profile.

When your profile is filled you are ready for battle! Simply click the Battle! button and our state-of-the-art “matchmaking” system will put you in battles with people that match your profile. Promising matches will be highlighted in-game on the mini-map with a heart symbol. We are also working on a special kind of premium ammo called “Cupid’s Arrow”. A direct hit with this shell opens a special chat window after the battle between you and your chosen target.

What do you think of our plans? Send us your feedback on the official forums and keep checking the news for further updates on what is coming in 2015 for World of Tanks Blitz!