Community Field Report – July 2016


When martindogger is not driving virtual tanks, he works as teacher in the Netherlands. He runs a channel, called "Load Aim Fire", which provides basic Blitz tutorial videos, previews of new updates and tank reviews. This time, he has prepared the following videos:

How to drive medium tanks for dummies:

Mediums are the most versatile tanks in World of Tanks Blitz. This video shows you how to perform better in a medium tank and carry your team to victory.


How to drive the Indien-Panzer:

The Indien-Panzer is a Tier VIII German Medium Tank in the Leopard 1 line. It's got a great gun and this video shows how to use it for maximum effect!


This month, Amaunet85 is focusing on Tier X vehicles, reviewing her new favourite tank destroyer …

… and aces her number one tank in the game once again:


Make sure you join IrmaBecx’s Foundation Challenge: the King of Tier VII Competition, where you can win a Tier VII German Panther/M10 medium tank – possibly the most elusive vehicle in the game!


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