Community Field Report – June 2016


Sk8xtrm's tank guides provide in-depth information and top tips for all tankers, the "Death Toaster" guide is a perfect example including tank mastery and added humour for your viewing pleasure. Also, check out his Tankfest 2016 video if you want to see the real deal in action!


Amaunet85, aside from blogging and creating videos, focusses mostly on the social aspect of the game, and organizes events between clans to improve clan-relations and make everyone have fun together.

Check out how she Aces the Jackson:


Martin Dogger (martindogger in game) is the Commander of the Empros Clan [EMRS] and when he is not driving virtual tanks he works as teacher in the Netherlands. He runs a channel, called "Load Aim Fire", which provides basic Blitz tutorial videos, previews of new updates and tank reviews.

Take a look at this preview of the ‘new’ Tier V Premium tank, the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai:


Get an in-depth look at the T26E4 SuperPershing:


Our newest contributor, IrmaBecx, is Swedish, a total Elitist, Bushka enthusiast, brawling aficionado, and protector of every quirky, unloved and misunderstood tank in the Blitz universe. In addition to forum reviews, he also does Challenges focusing on out of the ordinary tanks. This month we have the "Tax of Rudy" tier VII Challenge, as well as the "Löwe your Neighbour"' Tier VIII Löwe giveaway.


Are you interested in becoming a Community Contributor? Do you think another player deserves to be recognized and highlighted for his contribution to our community? Check out our Community Contributor program in the dedicated forum thread!