Developers Q&A: Game Design

Our Game Balance Department received some questions from the Community. Andrew Panasiuk, Lead Game Balance Designer on World of Tanks Blitz, answered the most interesting and popular among them.


  • Many players, including myself, wonder: When will I be able to sell Garage slots (e.g. buy for 250 gold, sell for 225 gold)? It would be great to have an option for this in game.

Such an option contradicts the game economics: players can’t receive gold from selling items they previously purchased for gold. Maybe we will introduce an option for selling slots for credits. This way there wouldn’t be a contradiction.


  • When will you add the best friends filter to the contact list allowing players to receive garage notifications of their best friends’ online statuses? Currently, I have to check the contact list after every battle in the hope of seeing my friends online. It would be really useful if I received automatic notifications. You could make this option adjustable.

Social functionality is quite a problematic issue for us. Currently, the game functionality does not allow for the practical displaying of player statuses. It may seem strange, but this feature is rather complicated for our chat and contact list. But I am sure that in the upcoming year we will implement many useful features for the chat and contact list management. Maybe they will be introduced as part of clan functionality.


  • A very important question for many players: could you switch off the highlighting of penetration zones? I understand that it is necessary for training newbies. But the game will be much more interesting if you switch off this function for experienced tankers on battle Tiers 9 and 10, so that players will have to learn the armour schemes of vehicles.

We don’t think that learning armour schemes and tracking changes to penetration zones in real time are the skills that are really necessary in battle. Coordinated team play and making strategic decisions are more important. Players need all the information available in the heat of battle to make a good shot (which is not as easy with a touch screen). It is also important to take into account that not all players have a high skill level. And I am not sure that they will welcome your suggestion - most of them are accustomed to the helpful highlighting of penetration zones.


  • As far as I understand, replays will not be added to the game in the near future. It’s not an easy task, but I have the following suggestion: it would be great to add a button that sends the results of an interesting battle to a player’s email address (or via other media). It should contain detailed statistics (not just a screenshot to share on Facebook). The format doesn’t really matter: it might be a PDF or XML (with a nice looking style sheet when opened in a browser and a WG signature). It would be awesome if it also contains information about destroyed vehicles (with the time of destruction and the name of players who destroyed them) in order to be able to submit a substantiated abusive language report, if necessary.

Thank you for the interesting suggestion. We will definitely consider it while working on in-game social functionality.


  • Many experienced players notice the so-called “sticking” of the reticle on the landscape and different objects (stones, buildings) when trying to aim accurately. It’s pretty inconvenient, especially when you can only see a small part of the enemy’s vehicle. Is it a bug or were these mechanics intended? Is it possible to eliminate the sticking?

Of course, this is very irritating and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The difficulty is that if we focus on fixing all the minor bugs, we won’t have any time left for developing new features for the game.


  • Is it possible to introduce artillery strikes to the game? This feature doesn’t require the introduction of the SPG as a vehicle type. Fire could automatically come from the pillboxes of each base. In such cases, fast vehicles would go scouting there and try to destroy the pillboxes. This would add something new to the gameplay. Thanks in advance for the answer.

Currently, we are working on this vehicle type, but it’s too soon to say how and when it will appear in the game. I’ll provide more information when we have a clearer vision about the mechanics of this idea.


  • Hello! It would be great if you introduced a feature that displayed armour zones on a vehicle in the garage, so that players have a better understanding of the weak and strong parts of their vehicles.  

We have discussed this feature multiple times, but always opted for other more important features. I’m sure it will be introduced—maybe when we rework the display of vehicle characteristics in the garage.


  • Hello! I have a question: why is it impossible to play on Tier VIII and X vehicles in a Platoon, while you can do this out of Platoon? So, for instance, I play on a Tier VIII vehicle and get into a battle with Tier X vehicles, and this happens all the time! Yet, when I want to play on a Tier X vehicle in a Platoon and my platoon-mate plays on a Tier VIII vehicle, an error appears saying that our vehicle tiers don’t match.

This comes from the lower level vehicles, where Tier III and V vehicles are prevented from playing against Tier V vehicles, as a Tier III would never survive the battle. Of course, we need to rework this considering the high tiers, but currently vehicles in most Platoons only differ by one tier, so this fix was postponed. Still, it’s a great question, and we’ll work towards solving the problem.


  • Will you introduce the IS-2 and IS-5 to the game?

We plan to introduce these vehicles, but it’s hard to estimate the exact time.