Developers Q&A: Balance Part II

We continue to gather your questions for the developers. Andrew Panasiuk, Lead Game Balance Designer, World of Tanks Blitz, will answer your topical questions.

Will you balance teams by vehicle type?

The perfect balance is when everything is the same, but it's too boring. We solve the problems of over-effective positions for tank destroyers through map adjustments. This means that there are no plans for limiting the types of vehicles in teams, but the matchmaker does have this functionality, and we will activate it if we need to.


Are you planning to balance top and stock variations of the vehicles differently?

We don't have any plans for this. This year, we have increased the number of preferential battles for newly purchased vehicles so that players can get used to the vehicle and receive some XP to start upgrading the modules. You can also play on other vehicles and complete missions to accumulate Free Experience.


Will the battles be balanced by the players' efficiency or will you introduce a special Rating battles mode?

We're definitely not considering a personal rating system for random battles matchmaking. We are discussing other modes, but it's too early to talk about this.


Are you going to lower the battle level for Tankenstein to Tier VIII?

No, it will definitely not change for Tankenstein. Its other characteristics may change, if the statistics show that this tank is weaker than other vehicles of its Tier. We will also try to adjust vehicles so that there's no need for preferential battles for them, even if they have a lowered level in the PC version of the game.

Are there any plans to change the platoon matchmaking for platoons that consist of vehicles of different Tiers (so that vehicles don't get into teams, where the enemy is more than two tiers higher than they are)?

Such cases can be eliminated easily if players only invite vehicles of the same Tier to platoons. There are no plans for making it easier for the platoons with different vehicle Tiers.


I think that the penetration of the KV-2 is too high. Are you going to nerf this tank?

We monitor statistics for all vehicles. If the characteristics of the KV-2 stand out, they will be adjusted. However, penetration is very rarely changed.


I suggest reducing the view range for all vehicles: it might make the game more interesting.

We don't plan to shorten view ranges, because if we do, vehicles will fall out of view at short distances, and this will look weird and irrational. But, at the same time, we have some ideas for improving the visibility system.


Do you have any plans to increase profitability for causing damage on Tier IX–X vehicles? Sometimes I have a negative balance in battle results even after a good battle, for which I didn't use equipment or premium shells.

This could happen when you play on vehicles introduced to the game after Update 1.1. We plan to revise the profitability system.


Why don't you distinguish vehicle types by marking out their tactical advantages (like camouflage for tank destroyers, armour on heavy tanks, and manoeuvrability for medium tanks)?

Camouflage for tank destroyers really is the highest. These vehicles also get a bigger bonus from a Camouflage Net. All vehicles in the game are divided by type, but there aren’t many vehicles with strongly marked roles, and usually they combine features of different types so making a recommendation for a tank simply based on its type would be inaccurate. You can discuss the best strategies for different vehicles on the forums. We are limited by the initial historical characteristics of vehicles.