The French Clans Tournament: #PlayYourWay, French style

While Clan Wars are in full swing in World of Tanks PC, French players took the initiative in Blitz to play THEIR way: the perfect illustration of the #PlayYourWay philosophy! Initiated by thepatriout, the idea of a tournament where clans would be fighting each other took shape, before being presented to the rest of the Community where it met quite a success, widely relayed by Community Contributors like _Askabar_.

As this article is being written, 14 clans are still in the race – they might be your opponents in future editions.


















So, how is it possible to manage such a tournament? thepatriout answered our questions:

How did the idea of a clan tournament come to mind?

There are actually several reasons: the arrival of training rooms, the European Tournament and the will to play in a team made up of players from the same clan.

Why did you choose such an unusually long duration rather than a shorter format?

We wouldn’t have been able to have that many clans with a shorter timeframe.
Shortening the duration would have required a higher frequency of matches (at the moment we are on a two-legged home and away match per week). After all, Blitz is a game and people have a life outside of it.

Can you tell us how teams prepared (if they did!)?

The arrival of training rooms allowed registered clans to prepare by learning how to play as a team, and not solo or in a platoon: it’s not the same anymore. We were able to watch clans work on their group tactics, study maps for positioning etc. Furthermore, it also forced clans to play with audio support. This makes interactions even more important.

Were there any complications or unplanned mishaps? How did you tackle them?

The main difficulty was that we started from scratch – we had neither the experience nor the distance required to foresee complications. We just adapt, trying to please everyone but keeping in mind that we have to see this tournament through to the end.

Summer holidays have been a one huge pitfall. We didn’t want to stop the tournament. It’s already long enough, and we would have had to postpone the end by two months or even more. We were afraid players wouldn’t be interested anymore after such a pause. Thus, we decided to extend the duration by two weeks and accept smaller teams (min. five players).

Will you do the tournament again? If yes, will you make it accessible to other EU Communities (Spanish, German, etc.)?

On my side I would love to extend it because I was able to discover clans, players I haven’t played with before. It’s a rewarding experience because we are all in touch with captains and their seconds in command to relay information which are crucial for the tournament to run properly. By the way I would like to thank all of them for their implication.

To be honest I thought about a tournament similar to the European Championship: one team per country, X (number to be determined) players per country and may the best team win!

Initially, 16 teams registered with more than 279 participants on that day!

What would you need to improve this kind of event?

My first idea would be the possibility to film the games from an “external” point of view for even more visibility.
It would also be nice to be in control of our own dedicated thread on the forum to post images and tables without any limitations. Communication is crucial and I must admit we need to improve it.

Have you ever played World of Tanks on other platforms (PC, Console) or are you only mobile players?

No, I’m a mobile player.

Do you think having experience in WoT PC tournaments is a real advantage in WoT Blitz?

I think we could have a closer look at the formats, but WoT Blitz and WoT PC are two different games, whether we are talking about the number of players in battles, the duration or the sizes of the maps.
Furthermore, the WoT PC Community has pro teams - we are not there yet in Blitz!

When will the tournament end?

We should be done by October.

Any advice for other players who would like to organize such events?

Patience and perseverance! Also, don’t hesitate to contact your Community Coordinators & Community Managers, as they are always willing to help.

Finally, do you have a message for the EU Community?

Keep in mind that it’s just a game, even if sometimes “dry” periods can feel like they are never-ending and full of obstacles. Play in a platoon – that’s your best option.

The purpose of tournaments and other events like this is to bring us closer together, not to create tension between players. We are all here to have fun!


Thank you to all organisers and players involved in the tournament – may the best team win!

And you, Commanders, how do you play? #PlayYourWay