gamescom 2014 – Event Recap


gamescom 2014 has slowly but inevitably come to its end. During the past five days, however, the event provided an immeasurable amount of one-of-a-kind experiences and precious memories which will last steadfastly at least until the Kölnmesse opens its premises again next year, or even longer! It was truly a magnificent event, and it was both a pleasure and a privilege for us to take part in it.

The Wargaming booth greeted and accommodated thousands of visitors, gamers, and fans of our products, many of whom had travelled great distances just to meet us. We moved heaven and earth to make sure that they all had a great time and enjoyed themselves at our booth.

There were dozens of contests, stage activities and initiatives to involve our audiences, in the course of which everyone had a chance of winning really great prizes. There were T-shirts, bonus codes, gaming equipment from Razer and Logitech, USB flash drives from HyperX, Gunnar gaming glasses, Italeri model kits, J!NX hoodies and even Gigabyte motherboards, NVIDIA graphic cards, Xbox 360 gaming consoles and gaming rigs from Alienware – all up for grabs!

In addition, we were visited by many great personalities, known and revered not only in the Wargaming community, but also in the gaming world in general. These included Wargaming’s CEO Victor Kislyi, game designer Chris Taylor and the famous streamer Quickybaby.







Chris Taylor signing a T-shirt to be given away


Odem Mortis made an appearance too!

What’s more, this year our guest developers also provided some red-hot news on your favourite Wargaming games.  The absolute hit of the booth was the opportunity to take a peek at the development of World of Warships and even play the game yourself!

That’s right – we had a dedicated World of Warships section featuring gaming rigs connected to the game’s alpha test server. This was truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the visitors to check out the game even before the closed beta is launched! 

The developers explaining a tech tree for World of Warships

In addition to this, we confirmed that we are currently working on adapting World of Tanks Blitz for Android! You read right, if you have an Android device, soon you will be able to shoot tanks on the go as well.

World of Warplanes has some nice features incoming too. In fact, the visitors queueing up for the game had the opportunity to play and test Version 1.5 before its official release! From the opinions gathered, we learned that players really like the new PvE mode and the introduction of complex ground targets, so get ready for some great action coming soon.

The enthusiasts of World of Tanks for PC will also be happy to know that the pool of HD tanks will be expanded exponentially very soon. You can expect the tech trees to be supplemented by new vehicles as well. Even though the developers didn’t want to reveal too much, they promised that the future will be bountiful indeed.

We would like to thank everyone who came to Cologne this year to meet as at gamescom – we hope you had as much fun during your visit as we did. We hope to see you next year as well!
Wargaming Team

See you all at gamescom 2015!