Talking About Clans at gamescom 2015


The recently launched Update 2.0 “Clans” represents just how far World of Tanks Blitz has come in the last year. But how could such a big feature, especially one that is more traditionally associated with the hardcore of PC gaming, make the transition to the world of mobile? We took to the floor of gamescom 2015 to meet the experts and find out!

Early on Thursday morning, we spotted three guys in the t-shirts of Clan German Lions - Leo1984, Marlight and Kreativ98. They were in rather a large queue so we took five and asked them a few questions:

Why do you guys like to be part of a Clan?

“It’s a community so when you come to events like gamescom you have people to go with and people to meet there.”

As a Clan, you list on your website that you play World of Tanks PC version. Do you guys play World of Tanks Blitz as well?

“The controls are very different from PC so we are not so into the game. However, even though we don’t know the playerbase, Clans are a really good thing to have in any game so we see it as a positive for those who do play World of Tanks Blitz.”


We then spotted Scelus65 and Schaedeldecke from the German Clan Krawall totally bossing it in the World of Tanks PC section of the booth. We couldn’t ignore this great opportunity to ask these guys about their Clan experiences and if they had any advice for World of Tanks Blitz players:

What is it that attracted you both to joining a Clan?

“For one, it’s simply more fun to play with other people but for us it’s mainly the fact that we chose a Clan that actually sets out to meet up in real life. We hold events and get to know each other – this is important because it then, in turn, makes the playing part even more enjoyable because you really know who you are interacting with.

As a team working together – you can be better.”

What do Clan players look for in a Clan feature? What lessons should World of Tanks Blitz learn?

“The most important thing of all for us has to be a Clan vs Clan competition (Clan Wars) - this is what brings everyone together as a team. If you don’t have something that you can achieve together, work together for, and also win, then cohesion breaks down, people start leaving and getting annoyed.

“We structure our Clan in order to avoid this. We have a serious part and a fun part and it’s possible to move from one to the other. Therefore, another important aspect of teamwork in Clans is to train each other up”

Now that Clans are a reality in World of Tanks Blitz, do you think your Clan will make the move to this game too?

“Definitely, yes!”

Thank you to everyone we interviewed during the event! If your Clan was at gamescom and we didn’t manage to speak to you – let us know in the Clan Zone of the World of Tanks Blitz forum. If you want to know more about joining Clans, check the news for further articles on this great new feature.