Blitz and glamour at gamescom

We ran into Chris and Flory, two passionate World of Tanks players mingling among the mobile devices with World of Tanks Blitz installed. Both admitted it was their first time with Blitz, but they weren’t afraid to get their fingers into the heat of battle.

Fighting alongside each other on the Castilla map, Flory and Chris fought valiantly among the Spanish estates. Chris, being destroyed early in the game, stepped in to give his mate some tips. After the bout, they were kind enough to hang back and talk to us about their experience with World of Tanks Blitz and gamescom in general.


Our Blitz community specialist Robert, who asked the questions, with Flory and Chris. The guys even put on the t-shirts they got off the stage!

Too bad about that unlucky round, Chris. What do you think about the game?

Since I am a World of Tanks PC player, it was a bit difficult for me to handle the controls at first, you know, with my fingers and hands getting in a way a bit. But after a few battles, you get the idea how to play the game. I think it is a lot of fun and knowing World of Tanks PC I can say that Blitz nicely transfers the basic concept we love about the game onto mobile. So it is perfect for trips whenever you cannot have your PC with you.

Is this your first gamescom, guys?

Yes. I started playing World of Tanks two years ago and around that time, I thought to myself – it is actually two stations away, just around the corner, and people around the world travel a big distance to get here. So this year we finally decided to come visit – I mean, it is like thirty minutes away.

So what do you think about the booth?

It is awesome, the guys on the stage are fantastic.

Did you actually manage to grab some loot off the stage?

Yeah, we got t-shirts for ourselves and for our friends as well. Actually, it is pretty easy to get at least something. There is a lot of stuff flying off the stage quite regularly, so everyone gets their chance to grab something.


That’s it for our special Blitz report from gamescom here at Cologne. However, stay tuned for some major graphical and performance improvements coming to Blitz in the near future. The developers are working on a new technology, called Metal, which will bring new water effects, moving sky and, in the future, better grass. We cannot wait to get so much awesome packed into our mobile devices!

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