Q&A Session with the Developers at gamescom

gamescom month is traditionally the hottest month of the year for any Wargaming fan out there who loves a scoop. Not only because the event happens during the hot summer month of August, but also because all the big announcements are being made right around this time, right here on our gamescom stage! If you want to know what we’ve got planned for World of Tanks Blitz, then you have to read the following developers Q&A recap!



Are you going to implement Tank Companies or Historical Battles mode?

At the moment we only have the 7 vs 7 standard battles. But you also need to keep in mind that we just released the game basically a little over a month ago. So naturally not all the features are included in the game so far. However, we are already working on the next game mode.


Can we expect to see artillery vehicles in World of Tanks Blitz?

No, we are not planning this due to the gameplay changes that having artillery vehicles would produce. Consider also the size of the map – it is just not appropriate for artillery since maps in World of Tanks Blitz are much smaller than in World of Tanks PC.


Will we have more maps or maybe bigger maps in World of Tanks Blitz (e.g. maps that would allow 15 vs 15 matches)?

Yes to the first part – more maps! But no to the second part – probably there won’t be bigger maps. This is rooted in game design and technical issues.

Design-wise we want the game to remain fast-paced. An average battle now only takes 5-7 minutes while on PC, where you have bigger maps and more players, battles tend to last a bit longer. We want World of Tanks Blitz to be more dynamic. People expect that on a mobile device.


Will it be possible to retrain the crew in future, and if yes, when?

It is planned to have crew skills in World of Tanks Blitz in the future. However, the crew system here will differ a bit from the way crew skills work on World of Tanks PC. The final crew skills for Blitz will be streamlined and should prove as effective as on the PC version once they’re released.


Will there be "achievements" synced with Google Play Games or Apple achievements?

As far as Google Play is concerned, we just announced that World of Tanks Blitz is coming for Android! That means that we’re just starting to explore all Android and Google related features. At the moment we don’t have achievements in the game because it’s not the biggest priority on our development list.


Will we be able to watch replays and then share them on social media for example?

One thing that you can already share is your After-Battle Results. Starting with one of the coming versions, we will add even more social media functionality. Eventually we might get to the point where you’ll also be able to share replays of the battles that you’ve played. Why not?


Can you give us a hint which nation’s tanks you plan on introducing next?

Yes. We are proud to confirm that the next available nation in the game will be the British.


Will there be any kind of Clan Wars?

There will be clans. We are also planning clan missions, clan ratings and a new, dedicated battle mode. All of this will be introduced gradually. However, there is no concrete timetable yet.


Will it be possible to collect consumables by moving them to a depot?

There are already consumables in the game. However, there are no plans to introduce a depot in which you’d be able to stock them.



We hope you liked this Q&A and picked up a lot of new info about World of Tanks Blitz.