gamescom Recap – Day 2

Friday, 15 August – Day 2

 If you thought Thursday was a busy day at gamescom, then you should have seen the show floor this Friday. Every hall, every corridor, every room, every nook and cranny was crawling with gamers today – and a lot of them found their way to our Wargaming stand and the World of Tanks Blitz gaming area in particular.

What did all these people come for? To play the game and hear great announcements, like the confirmation that World of Tanks Blitz is coming to Android! After a head-start on iOS, our developers were happy to declare that the development of a dedicated Android version is already well underway! We hope you’re as excited about this good news as we are tankers!


“Yes, World of Tanks Blitz is also coming to Android!”

- Marcus ‘Kabazabak’ Blaesche, Publishing Producer

Impressions of the Day