gamescom Recap – Day 3

Saturday, 16 August – Day 3

With gamescom heading into Saturday, traditionally its busiest day, we amped up our activities on stage! After holding an immense community gathering last night (read about it soon in our ongoing gamescom coverage), we invited Odem Mortis– who are one of the most famous World of Tanks clans - not only to gamescom but on to our stage!

There they were welcomed by our trusted gamescom host Obirian and the ever-smiling Richard “The_Challenger” Cutland. After a short presentation, we invited the Odem Mortis guys to join in on the fun and throw insane amounts of T-Shirts into the frenzied crowd. We’re happy that so many of our Wargaming Community members came to share this experience with us!


“It is so much fun to meet such dedicated players!”

- Richard “The_Challenger” Cutland, Military Expert


Impressions of the Day