gamescom 2016 – Developer Q&A


While gamescom 2016 is rocking Cologne, our developers are hard at work, both making the games you love and answering your burning questions. As the event rages on, we took your queries from the forums and sat down with Artem Safronov, Global Publishing Producer for WoT Blitz, and Konstantin Alekseenko, Global Operations Manager for WoT Blitzto look at the community’s hopes and concerns for World of Tanks Blitz.

You can also catch an interview taking place at gamescom with David Dauvilliers (Publishing Producer for EU) and Robert Matuzsak (Product Specialist) for even more intel!


Will Clan Wars be introduced to World of Tanks Blitz in the future?

We don't expect the Clan Wars that players know from World of Tanks PC to appear in the game in the near future. It is related to the fact that players in World of Tanks Blitz act a bit differently when compared to those in the PC version of the game. For example, it is clearly seen in the length of the game sessions and the time of the day when these sessions are allocated. Our current data shows that introducing Clan Wars now wouldn't be a wise move to make.

Are you going to fix the profitability problems?

After the recent changes to the profitability, everything works as intended now. Nevertheless, we are monitoring and extracting data on a daily basis to make sure that every tank is within acceptable margins of profitability.

Are you going to implement voice chat?

We currently have no plans to implement voice chat. Such a project would be very time and resource consuming from a technical point of view. Furthermore, our players already use third party software for voice communication when playing the game. Thus, the need for voice chat is filled by this software, which in turn gives the development team more time to concentrate on other, more important features that players will undoubtedly enjoy.

When can we expect the French and Chinese tech trees?

It is very unlikely that both mentioned Tech Trees will be implemented this year, but they will for sure come in the future. However, we have an interesting branch that we plan to release this year, which can be valued as a new nation! Keep your eyes opened!

Do you plan similar contests to Girls und Panzer?

Yes, we do! We have an exciting event planned for this year that you will surely enjoy. Stay tuned!


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