Grille Party Race


When the Total Annihilation event ended, we promised you that there would be more contests of this kind in the future. If you did not have the chance to participate in it, or you did and you really enjoyed it, another opportunity is right at your doorstep! The event will be back in action alongside Update 2.11 and the awaited arrival of the new German Tank Destroyers! Let the Grill Party begin – it’s time to barbeque some enemy tanks!

The goal of the event remains the same as previously. In other words, we will measure the amount of total damage caused in the new German Tank Destroyers – the Pz.Sfl. IVc, Nashorn, Sturer Emil, Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, Waffenträger auf Pz. IV and Grille 15. A target of 1,000,000,000 damage inflicted has been set – hit it hard, Commanders!

For your damage to count in these tanks, you must have played at least 30 battles in the new German Tank Destroyers – every point of damage thereafter will appear on the counter. Play that amount of battles (or more), inflicting as much damage as you possibly can, and if we reach our goal, we will reward you for your efforts with 5 days of Premium Account and a garage slot.

The event starts as soon as Update 2.11 is live on 29 June and will run until 12 July at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2). You will be able to track its progress on the Blitz main page and, as a completely new feature, in World of Tanks Blitz Assistant - check out the details!

Please note - you will only receive this reward if you completed at least 30 battles in the new German Tank Destroyers.


Do I have to play 30 or more battles in a single tank or can I spread them across any of the new German Tank Destroyers?

You can spread your battles across all the new tanks from the Tier V, Pz.Sfl. IVc to the Tier X, Grille 15.

What happens if we hit the goal of 1,000,000,000 damage inflicted before 12 July? Does the event end?

Yes, then the event will end – SUCCESS!

What happens if I didn’t quite make it to 30 battles when we hit the 1,000,000,000 damage inflicted target?

Unfortunately you won’t receive the event reward – the early bird catches the worm!

What happens if we don’t reach the target?

Unfortunately no rewards will be given out, at all – teamwork is key!

Should we succeed, and I receive the reward for my 30+ battles, when will my 5 days of Premium Account start?

They should start soon after the event ends.

Can I get the gold equivalent of the 5 days of Premium Account instead?

This will not be possible for this event!

Where can I track my region’s progress?

Please visit the World of Tanks Blitz Portal.You should be able to see the progress bar featuring the Grille 15.

Important: You will also be able to track the event's progress directly in your handy World of Tanks Blitz Assistant! Such a feature will be added to the app as soon as the event is launched, on 29 June.

If you don't have World of Tanks Blitz Assistant yet, check out the dedicated page and download it now!

How “real time” is the website battle counter?

Data will be refreshed every hour.

Will Facebook, Google Play, or Demo accounts have their battles count towards the goal and be able to receive the reward?

Of course.

Do all battles count win or lose?

Yes, they do.

Can I have the Premium time delivered at a different date?

This will not be possible to organise.

I contributed my 30 battles and my region reached the target, however I did not receive the Premium Account time. What do I do?

Please contact our Customer Support team.