gamescom 2014: The Guests

gamescom 2014 is almost upon us so it’s about time we reveal some of the Wargaming developers who will be taking the stage for us this year! Check out the table below - we have highlighted the guests who will be talking directly about each game at the event. This way you can make sure your diary is up to date and that you know who to look forward to.

Be sure to check out the other speakers too, you don’t want to miss out on anything!

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Guest 1

Job Title

Guest 2

Job Title

World of Tanks

Stanislav Kargin

Team Lead, Game Balance



World of Tanks Xbox

Andy Dorizas

Senior Artist

Jeff Gregg

Lead game designer

World of Tanks Blitz

Romain Mardot

Lead Publishing Producer, Wargaming EU 

Marcus Blaesche

Publishing Producer Wargaming EU 

World of Warplanes

Oleg Gotynyan

General Manager, Persha Studio

Michael Zinchenko

Development Producer

World of Warships

Tom Long

Level Design Manager, Wargaming Austin

Daniil Volkov

Director of Development