Halloween Wallpaper


Did we scare you, Commanders... No? Oh well – you will still have plenty of time to be afraid as Halloween is approaching! Soon you will be preparing terrifying costumes, carving pumpkins into all kinds of fancy shapes, trick-or-treating your neighbours and watching tons of horror movies. There’s plenty of stuff to do during this period, but who will pimp your mobile desktop for this very occasion? Don’t you worry about that Commanders – we’ve got you covered. Just check out the Halloween-themed wallpaper below! Amazing, right? Don’t hesitate and download it now, and let it complement your mobile for the upcoming All Hallows' eve!

To download it, follow the link below to the image, hold your finger on it and then select “Save Image.”




For the best results, install the wallpaper when your device is horizontal (landscape) - the wallpaper will be automatically optimised for when the tablet is in the vertical position.