First-Time Hands-On Blitz


Since World of Tanks Blitz has been released only fairly recently in Europe, a lot of players haven’t had the chance to try it yet. For many, gamescom is the first opportunity to lay their hands on World of Tanks Blitz at one of our eight dedicated gaming stations. One such first-time player is Mathilde, who came to gamescom all the way from France. Find out how she fared in her first tank battle on the iPad and what her impressions were of the game in general.



After having traveled to Cologne from France, for Mathilde, playing World of Tanks Blitz was only a short queue away.


Before she gets started, our friendly World of Tanks Blitz Product Specialist Ola hands her the iPad and explains the basics.


As everybody here, Mathilde starts out with the tutorial.


Soon she has the first enemy in her sights!


Total concentration!


Then a little shopping spree in the garage…


…before she heads into her first real 7 vs 7 online PvP World of Tanks battle!


A happy Mathilde exiting our booth after her first World of Tanks playing session.


Mathilde was also kind enough to give us a little interview after her play-through. Find out what she thought of the game in the portion below!


Have you played any Wargaming titles before? 

Mathilde: I have played some World of Tanks on PC. That’s how I got to know the Wargaming brand and universe. When I walked by the booth and saw Wargaming presenting here, I wanted to see what new products they were promoting this time.


So how did you like your first time playing World of Tanks Blitz? 

Mathilde: I must admit, I found it a bit challenging in the beginning. I’m not usually a tablet player and so I was a bit overwhelmed at first. It took me a while to get the handling of the tank right but, when I did, it actually turned out to be very intuitive. Somebody gave me a tip on how to position my hands and that made everything a whole lot easier. (laughs) As I said, I’m not at all a tablet user usually, so, on top of everything else, I was concerned about scratching the tablet screen with my finger nails. This happened to me once at Paris Games Week and I’m super cautious since! (laughs)


Will you give World of Tanks Blitz another try when you get home? 

Mathilde: I might. I have friends who own tablets, so I’ll probably ask one of them to install it on their device for me. It is a cool game – I could tell that even from the short time that I had with it.


Thank you for the interview Mathilde. We’re glad you liked the game.


Do you want to try World of Tanks Blitz? Download it today!