Happy Hour – 20 August 2015


After the first in our “Happy Hour” series, we are proud to present you with another installment of the super-short “window of opportunity” that gives you a neat in-game boost if you manage to stay “mobilized” enough (see what we did there?) to catch it in time. So read up on the conditions below and go for the Happy Hour!

 World of Tanks Blitz – Happy Hour – 20 August

When? : 20 August from 17:00 until 19:00 CEST (UTC+2).

What’s on offer?

Earn x 1.5 more XP for up to five winning battles when you play in regular medium tanks, Tiers VI and VII

Please note - there will be no pop-up reminders of when a Happy Hour begins, so set yourself a reminder of when it starts and remember to check the in-game or portal news on a regular basis.