Update 1.5 – Crew Skills are Coming!

Update 1.5 will introduce the first major new game-mechanic since the launch of World of Tanks BlitzCrew Skills.

Up to this point, crews could simply be trained up to a 100% mastery level with their chosen vehicle. From Update 1.5, when a crew member reaches 100% mastery in their vehicle, they will be able to start learning a Skill that will benefit them and their tank in battle!  

Around 18 initial Crew Skills will be available for training including ones that improve the accuracy of your tank’s gun, increase the amount of XP the crew earn in battle, make firing easier on the move and increase your tank’s reload speed. Available Crew Skills will be differentiated by tank type:

Light Tank Skills

Medium Tank Skills

Heavy Tank Skills

Tank Destroyer Skills

Hasty Shot





Penetration Boost

Close Combat Master

Smooth Turn

Low Recoil



Deadly Accuracy


Smooth Ride

Adrenaline Rush



Smooth Turret Traverse


Clutch Braking


The full workings of this mechanic will be explained in more detail later, so keep your eye on the news!

Crew Skills are coming, tankers! We’d love to hear what you think about these developments on our Update 1.5 forum thread!