WoT Generals Closed Beta Test Access with Selected Pre-Orders

Due to extreme demand from our community, Closed Beta Access has been added to all pre-orders of the HQ Staff Sets. This means that if you plan to acquire one of the nation-specific HQ pre-orders you will be able to begin testing the game and providing feedback on its development as an added bonus.

If you have already pre-ordered a HQ Staff Set, you will also be granted access by our team.


Additional Premium Cards in all HQ Staff Sets

As well as the aforementioned addition of CBT access for HQ Staff Sets, players who purchase/have already purchased an HQ Staff Set will now receive 3 copies of the Premium Card that it contains. That means x3 Matilda IV, x3 T-25 and x3 Ram II for the USSR, German and American HQ Staff Sets respectively.



Two New Bundles

There are also two new bundles available to pre-order:

(1)    The Ultimate Premium HQ Bundle which, as its name suggests, is HUGE. It contains all 3 staff sets, 3 copies of each nation’s Premium Card, 15,000 Gold Bars, 90 days of Premium Account and Access to the Closed Beta Test.

(2)    A useful bundle containing 30 days of Premium Account to get your research off to a flying start at launch.

The pre-orders won't be around forever, so seize this opportunity to make your mark in the realm for virtual strategy! For full details and pricing, following the link below:



Order of Battle!