Profitability Increase in Update 3.0


Some time ago, we promised you that we would keep an eye on the game statistics to make sure that all battles are well-balanced and you are having fun playing the game. During our monitoring process, we have noticed that some improvements to profitability can be made. Thus, in Update 3.0, the profitability of some Premium vehicles and Tier X tanks will increase.

Premium Vehicles

The statistics collected proved that some Premium tanks do not receive enough credits and several of them earn even fewer credits in battles than their researchable counterparts. We were not happy with what we saw, as Premium vehicles are created for having fun and “farming” credits!

Thus, starting from Update 3.0, the following Premium vehicles will become more profitable:

  • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV: +10%
  • SU-85I: +15%
  • T-25: +17%
  • T14: +18%
  • Matilda IV: +19%
  • Ram II: +24%
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.: +36%
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai: +48%
  • Angry Connor: +29%
  • M4A2E4 Sherman: +35%
  • KV-220: +44%
  • SU-100Y: +25%
  • FCM 50 t: +25%

Tier X Vehicles

Server statistics also revealed that three Tier X vehicles fall behind slightly when compared to their Tier X rivals. The profitability of these vehicles will also improve in the next update:

  • Maus: +10%
  • T110E4: +5%
  • IS-4: +5%

The indicated increases will affect the gross amount of credits earned in battle, i.e. the amount before repairs and other expenses. But this is not the whole story. Vehicle improvements will continue, and in the upcoming versions further changes may be introduced.