Rise of Continents: Mission Briefing + 12 Goals


Europe needs you, tankers! Now is the time for your mission briefing for Rise of Continents. Check out the Goals in the table below – these are the factors against which we will be battling other regions from 28 September until 25 October at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).


The 12 Goals of “Rise of Continents”

  • Highest number of Battles played (regardless of the battle result).
  • Highest number of German tanks destroyed
  • Highest number of USA tanks destroyed
  • Highest number of Soviet tanks destroyed
  • Highest number of British tanks destroyed
  • Highest number of platoons entering battle
  • Highest number of Epic Medals acquired
  • Highest number of Missions completed
  • Largest amount of XP earned (includes XP accumulated through regular multipliers, Special Missions and Premium Tanks)
  • Highest number of Credits spent
  • Highest number of Tier VIII tanks (regular + premium count) entering battle
  • Highest number of users simultaneously connected


The Goals are balanced for each region so that competition between servers is fair e.g. factors like differing player numbers have been taken into account. Everything is based on previous statistics, so not only are you competing with other regions, but against your own previous records. If we do better than what we have been doing in the past, then we have a good shot at winning!

Remember - even though you are destroying your European comrades in battle, you are playing as one!

Keep an eye out during the event for further morale-boosting, propaganda announcements from Europe HQ! Remember to go to the Rise of Continents official site to track your progress and see updates on the latest goals. As always, the Community team will be organising many interesting activities in and around the event. In order not to miss any of them, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter.


*models shown are the Sennheiser CX 2.00i, Sennheiser CX 2.00G version and Sennheiser Game ONE white.



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