Rise of Continents: Thank You!


Europe – you were awesome. Congratulations on achieving Second Place!

It was great to see that we performed well in the following tasks:

  • Highest number of Missions completed
  • Highest number of users simultaneously connected
  • Highest number of platoons entering battle

This shows a penchant for teamwork and a dedication to playing Missions to boost our progress through the tech-trees!

Full results from the final week are available in a dedicated article. This whole event was a tremendous effort and you guys will be awarded accordingly in the following ways:

Special “Rise of Continents” Medals

A series of special medals to celebrate the place we achieved in Rise of Continents will also be added to player accounts in the near future. This is a superb memento of this event that will be a shining star on your permanent records. This will only be given to players who played at least 100 battles and were active for a minimum of 20 nonconsecutive days during the Rise of Continents event.  

In-Game Rewards

As stipulated, eligible players (e.g those who completed 100 battles in 20 days) will also receive their in-game rewards of Gold and Premium Account by 30 October.

The rewards are as follows: 7 days Premium Account and 500

Sennheiser Prizes

Our stock of fantastic Sennheiser gear will be distributed soon. A list of winners will be published in an article so keep your eyes peeled as there may be one extra surprise for these lucky tankers as well…

Thank you for making Rise of Continents so special. We hope to bring you more surprises and other events of this nature as soon as we can! Hit that “discuss on forum” button and let us know what you enjoyed the most and what could be improved in the future.