Update 2.10 - Rockfield


When modifying "Rockfield" we tried to keep the spirit of the original map without changing the gameplay that's already familiar to players, we wanted to add something fresh and interesting. We also took into consideration Tank Destroyers as they now play an important role in battles on the map.

The most important innovation on the map was expanding the playing area by reducing the size of the mountain near the flag zone. We have moved the mountain beyond the red line in the current version of the map and added a full-speed zone for fast tanks there.

We have made a scouting system in this area, depending on the distances and tank characteristics  - bushes are now placed in such a way to help Tier VIIl and higher vehicles that use Coated Optics or Binocular Telescope to utilize their visibility bonus. This system is used to help the player quickly assess the situation and, if possible, retreat.

There are now more elusive positions for Tank Destroyers on the map - positions are formed so as to have an adequate and comfortable fire sector in the chosen direction, and give the players an opportunity to move from position to position on the flank of the advancing allies.

We have developed a rocky plateau in the center of the map, and made it more varied and less open to enemy fire - now raiding behind enemy lines through the center of the map is protected against heavy fire from the side.

The zone at the gates of the hangar has undergone cosmetic and balancing changes in the way of increasing the comfort for the slow and heavy armored tanks. The position of bunkers and key cover positions are now balanced with respect to both teams, the height of the shelters on the "balcony" was revised, and it is now possible to support allied medium tanks on the other side of the map. Vegetation was thinned out, and optimized to improve the performance of the game in these areas.

We have also expanded the number of Tank Destroyer positions in this area to help support the allied forces or defend from enemy tanks.

The flag capture point was moved to the descent from the bunkers to shift the focus of fighting in this part of the map.

Our artists have done a great job reworking the map - now areas of the map are painted in different colours that will not allow the player to get lost or get stuck. Now the "Rockfield" map is shrouded in a predawn haze, resembling an overgrown area of Karelia, full of rocky plateaus and swampy hollows.