Introducing - Royal Race

A new event called Royal Race is rolling into World of Tanks Blitz! It’s time to get the Union Jack bunting out because this one is all about the new line of British Tank Destroyers introduced in Update 2.1.

This event will measure the number of battles played in the AT 2, AT 8, AT 7, AT 15, Tortoise and FV215b (183). We’ve set a target of 1 million - surely we can smash that?

For your battles to count in these tanks, you must have played at least 25 battles - every battle thereafter will appear on the counter. Play that amount of battles (or more) and if we reach our goal, we will reward you for your efforts with 5 days of Premium and a garage slot.

This event starts as soon as the Update is live on 9 September and will run until 18 September, so get as many battles as you can in for the cause!

Please note - you will only receive this reward if you completed at least 25 battles.


Do I have to play 25 or more battles in a single tank or can I spread them across any of the new British Tank Destroyers?

You can spread your battles across all the new tanks from Tier V “AT 2” to Tier X “FV215b (183)” only.

What happens if we hit the goal of 1,000,000 battles before 18 September? Does the event end?

Yes, then the event will end. SUCCESS!

What happens if I didn’t quite make it to 25 battles when we hit the 1,000,000 battles target?

Unfortunately you won’t receive the event reward – the early bird catches the worm!

What happens if we don’t reach the target?

Unfortunately no rewards will be given out, at all – teamwork is key!

Should we succeed, and I receive the reward for my 25+ battles, when will my 5 Days of Premium Account start?

They should start on 28 September.

Can I get the gold equivalent of the 5 days of premium instead?

Sorry, nope!

Where can I track my region’s progress?

Please visit the World of Tanks Blitz Portal: should be able to see the progress bar featuring the FV215b (183) tank destroyer.

How “real time” is the website battle counter?

Data will be refreshed every hour.

Will Facebook, Google Play, or Demo accounts have their battles count towards the goal and be able to receive the reward?

Of course.

Do all battles count win or lose?

Yes, they do.

Can I have the premium time delivered at a different date? I will not have access to the game until M/D/Y.

Sorry, this is unfortunately not possible to organise.

I contributed my 25 battles and my region reached the target, however I did not receive the Premium Account time. What do I do?

Please contact your Costumer Support team.